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If you’re a community or school theatre troupe looking to buy plays or buy scripts, Stage-Write Plays is the place for you.

We are based in Australia and are a leading portal for buying plays online.  We sell standard performance packages that will give you everything you need to stage your play or musical – scripts, rehearsal tracks, piano and vocal scores, SFX, all licenses required; both pre-show and post-show, key props and costume listings.  You can also choose to add optional extras where available, like performance quality instrumental backing tracks.  If you have any after-sales questions… We offer free, informed and friendly after-sales help. 

At Stage-Write Plays, we’re passionate about theatre and creating a community of theatre lovers who care about developing and performing quality plays in Australia and worldwide.
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Watch DURESS by Angela Sarabia

One woman's heart-pounding action-packed fight for survival.
Winner of the 2023 "Empower Her Award" at the Powerstories Voices of Women Theater Festival.

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At Stage-Write Plays, we make a point of investing time and effort into creating exceptional working relationships with theatre groups and writers (both amateur and professional).

From the inception of this website, our aim has been to ensure that Stage-Write Plays continues to grow and move towards being recognised as one of the most referenced outlets to buy scripts and/or buy plays online.

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When you’re putting on a play or musical – even as an amateur group – you want to ensure your production is as professional and seamless as possible.

We are proudly Australian and through this online portal, we provide theatre companies, groups and schools with access to a number of quality, entertaining plays for purchase and download – Worldwide!

No matter the skill level of your actors , the level of production or the genre you want to perform, we have the play for you. For insight into the types of plays we have available for download and purchase, scroll below or contact us today.

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    The arts is a collaborative industry. No one knows that more than our team at Stage-Write Plays. That’s why we’re always looking for feedback from our customers and love to hear from you about how we can improve our services and plays that Australia - and the world - loves. Scroll through our testimonials below or leave your own feedback.
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If you’re looking for a creative place to buy scripts or buy plays online to suit any genre or curriculum…

Speak to our passionate team at Stage-Write today.

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